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In Tight with Briana Banks

Briana Banks is one of the most popular porn stars featured on TeraBabes.com, and after browsing through the Photo Galleries we have of her, it's easy to see why.  As a matter of fact, Briana is so popular with this site's visitors that she rolled through the TeraBabeOff and ended up winning the porn star division.

Not only is Briana beautiful, but she's intelligent and a lot of fun too.  We were lucky enough to find out first hand on January 8, 2003, when we had the opportunity to interview Briana during a private party in Las Vegas, thrown by Club Jenna.

The following is the transcript of the interview...

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TeraBabes: Just so you know, you are officially my first interview here in Vegas.

Briana Banks: So you're practicing on me? *laugh* That's when you get them best, when they are just starting on me. *laugh*

TB: Right.  You're popping my interview cherry.  It's kind of exciting, don't you think?

BB: Very.

TB: Last year, I was in line at the Vivid booth where you were signing, and I was all excited to meet you, since you're one of the most popular girls on our web site, and you were sick.

BB: You know what?  I had bad ---

TB: You said you had bad cheesecake, and you cut the line off one person in front of me!  I didn't get one picture, I didn't get one question, nothing!

BB: I don't mean to get personal, but I kept running to the bathroom and back, and we had the awards show that night.  I had to get medicine and everything.  It was horrible.  Yeah.  I'm sorry.

TB: Are you avoiding the cheesecake this year?  That will be my first official question.  Are you avoiding the cheesecake here in Vegas?

BB: *laughs* Totally.  I am staying away from all desserts!

TB: On our web site, we ran a TeraBabeOff, which is basically set up like the March Madness of the NCAAs with the babes going head to head.  Anyway, we did that with porn stars and guess who won?

BB: Who?

TB: You won.

BB: Did I really?

TB: You beat Jenna.  You beat everyone.  In the finals it was you against Sky.  She beat Aria, and you had already beat Tera Patrick and Devon and some pretty big names.  So, that's pretty cool.

BB: Wow, I'm very flattered.  How many guys were voting?  A bunch?

TB: There were... That's a good question.  There were hundreds per day, thousands in total.  Yeah, it wasn't like there were three dorks sitting around and voting.

TB Sound Guy: You win, 2-1!

BB: *laughs*

TB: So anyway, how long have you been in the business now?

BB: Three years.

TB: Ok, and how did you get your start?  Where did you break in?

BB: I started off as "Mirage."  That's the name I came in with.  With Mirage, I was never going to be in it for long - I just wanted to make some money to pay the rent.  Then I answered an ad in the paper, and I did my first scene for Dane, in University Coeds.  I made the cover of the box, and everybody I knew saw it... within like three months.  So I'm like, you know what?  Everybody knows anyway.  If I'm going to be a porn star, I'm going to be a big porn star.  So I changed my name from Mirage to Briana Banks after I got the boobs put in.  I thought I would change my image, and just go for it.

TB: And?  So far so good?  Obviously.

BB: Yeah, so far so good.

TB: You mentioned that everyone saw that box cover.  So, does everyone know?  Your friends, your family, does everyone know?

BB: I have no friends *laughs*

TB: Does Grandma know?

BB: No, Grandma doesn't know.  What's funny is I went out there for Christmas, and my whole family is (gesturing to her boobs) huge too.  And she's like, "Briana, you really got them too!"  *laughs*  My Aunt and almost everyone knows, but when I go out to see that side of the family, I say I'm there for a bathing suit catalog type of shoot.  But my Dad found out - he lives all the way in Munich, Germany, where I was born - and now I'm like Munich's Sweetheart.  They have me posted on billboards and stuff.

TB: I wonder how tall you are in those ridiculous heels.

BB: I'm 5'10".

TB: Wow.  Are you married or engaged, or do you have a serious boyfriend?  Anything like that?

BB: My serious boyfriend is right there (pointing)... Bobby Vitale.

TB: Oh, he's in the business.  Ok.  I was going to ask, as far as dating guys, do they accept what you do?  Does it make dating hard?

BB: Um, the way it works, usually, is at first you're kind of like a trophy.  Do you know what I mean?  And then they start having feelings for you, and they don't want you to go to work and then comes the, "She does porn," so they think "I can go screw anyone I want" kind of thing, even though when I do it, it's for a living.

TB: Because you're going to work.

TB Sound Guy: And you're doing it safely, as well.

BB: Exactly.  I use a condom and all that.  So, I've only had two boyfriends since I've been in the business - my former and Bobby.

TB: So, who is your favorite person to work with?

BB: My favorite would be ---

TB: Dasha.  Say Dasha.  I love Dasha.

BB: I like Dasha, but I love Jenna.

TB: Of course, of course - Briana Loves Jenna.  That's just a fact.  Everybody knows that, right?

BB: Guy-wise, I'd say Joel Lawrence, Bobby Vitale, Marc Davis, Evan Stone.  Those are my four favorites.

TB: Do you ever want to get into mainstream, or anything like that?

BB: I started out on the cover of Teen Magazine. *laughs* I have a funny article that AVN wrote, "From Teen Magazine Cover Girl to Vivid Porn Queen."

TB: Are you serious?  I never heard that.  That's hilarious.

BB: Yeah, it was a big article they did on me.  But yeah, I started out on the cover of Teen Magazine.

TB: Do you ever want to go back?  Into modeling or acting or anything like that?

BB: Actually, I did Flaunt magazine too.  Me and Jenna did it.  It's really hard to go back, once you're in porno.

TB: With Jenna being the exception to the rule.  I even saw her on an episode of The Family Guy last year.  And of course Howard Stern and so on.

BB: Yeah.  She and I did a The Man Show together, and I've done Entertainment Tonight.  We actually auditioned for a movie together and we got it, but I'm not supposed to talk about it yet.

TB: Can you give us any hints?  Anybody in it that we know?

BB: God, I can't remember the girl's name.  She's on a popular show, but I can't remember her name.

TB: Come on, think!  Did you get to kiss her?

BB: We haven't done it yet.  We're filming the end of this month.

TB: So, what else is coming up for you in the near future?

BB: Well, I'm just working really hard on my web site, BrianaBanks.com.

TB: That's one of the things I wanted to ask you about.  How involved are you with your web site?

BB: Well, I send them 300 stills per week of just me as me, out of makeup, being myself.

TB: Really?  Are they just of you lying around the house and stuff?  Who takes these photos?

BB: Bobby.  And they all go on the web site.  I'm like, "Don't get me sleeping." *laughs*

TB: Well, that gives it a real personal touch.

BB: You know, I send so many that the guys write in and say, "We want more glamour shots."  So I do a glamour shoot every month and a I do a live web cast every two weeks... so I'm really involved with it.

TB: I assume at conventions like this, you get to meet a lot of your fans and members of your site.  What are they like?  Are they cool guys?

BB: They're awesome.  I mean, if it wasn't for my fans and everyone involved, I wouldn't be who I am.  But I will never forget the fans.

TB: That's a good attitude.  On the other side of things, is there anyone in this business that you hate?  Or someone not in this business?

BB: *laughs* Well, Kira Kener has been really rude to me.  I just don't like fake people, and she's a fake person.  She talks with an accent and she's from, like, here.  I've heard her out of accent, and I'm like, "What is she thinking?"

TB: Ok, now let's get on to the sex.  I have a feeling you like sex.

BB: No!!! What ever gave you that idea? *laughs*

TB: Do you prefer boys or girls or a little of each?

BB: I like a little of each.

TB: Ok, boring question - favorite position?

BB: Doggy.

TB: Nice.  Favorite person to have sex with?  Is he standing right over there?

BB: Yeah, Bobby.  Bobby and Jenna.

TB: What was the best sexual moment of your life?

BB: Ok, best moment.  A vivid memory I have was in my bedroom when me and him first started dating ---

TB: Bobby?

BB: Yes.  I remember I was super horny and I had never really been teased, like teased to the point where you can't stand it.  And I was just like "Give it to me!" and he wouldn't give it to me.

TB: Really?  See, that's the coolest guy I know.

BB: Yeah, because most guys will just rip your clothes off and just jump you. *laughs* But I mean, I was literally begging.  And then when he finally gave it to me, I came, like instantly, before he even penetrated all the way.

TB: That's impressive.

BB: That's probably the quickest orgasm I've ever had, so it sticks out.

TB: All right, so what was the worst ever?

BB: It would have to be the first time I was with someone that couldn't get wood.  Because when you're in the business, you're like, "Well, what's wrong with me?" and you take it personally.

TB: Do you really?

BB: Well, I did at first.

TB: You and I should not sleep together then, because I think the intimidation factor alone---

BB: No, I don't take it personally any more.  I mean, it happens, but the first time it ever happens you think it's because of you and not the guy.

TB: Do you have any funny sex stories or moments - things that have happened that are blooper reel type stuff?

BB: The only big embarrassment was the first time I ever did an anal scene where anything came out from inside me.

TB: Oh, my... You win!

BB: *laughs* Yeah, well, I had never heard of an enema.  I was pretty new, and I was so embarrassed.  It was all over the comforter and I just wanted to crawl under the bed and die.  The guy was really cool and said it was no big deal---

TB: So was that actually filmed?

BB: They took it out.  They don't put that in there, but I was so afraid it would end up on a blooper tape. *laughs*

TB: Now, if somebody wants to buy one of your movies - just one - I mean, after they buy one, of course they'll go buy all the rest, but which one should they buy first?  What's your favorite, or where were you the best?

BB: You know, I have to say Briana Loves Jenna, but also, they have so many compilations out on me - A really good one, and this is going to be a funny name to say, is Briana Banks aka Filthy Whore. *laughs*

TB: Actually, at TeraBabes.com, we have a Video Store, and Briana Loves Jenna is ridiculously popular and Everybody aka Filthy Whore - those are really popular too.

BB: Yeah, they're my dirtiest films, but the only thing I don't like about it is they put music over all the moaning, and I think moaning is an important part of porno.

TB: Hell, yeah!  You know what other movies are really popular?  You've never done a Virtual Sex movie, have you?

BB: I have, but they won't release it.  It was with Digital (Playground).  I signed a contract for them to do my web site, and I waited eight months and nothing, so I went with Club Jenna.  I said, "You know, I'm sorry.  I've given you guys content and content---"

TB: So they actually filmed you and haven't released it yet?

BB: They filmed me two years ago.  They're just holding on to that footage. *laughs*

TB: Alright, non porn question.  What's a hobby of yours?  What's something you like to do for fun?

BB: Supercross.  I love Supercross - watching it, not doing it.

TB: Super what?  I have no idea what you are talking about.

BB: Supercross.  Motocross.

TB: Oh, Motocross, ok... with the dirt piles and they do those huge jumps.

BB: Yeah.  I was on Entertainment Tonight for it.  I'm the Third Rail girl.  I model for Fox Racing.  I do some of their stuff for magazines, and I'm good friends with all the guys.  That's what I was on Entertainment Tonight for.  The interviewed me about my link with Motocross, because I was always spotted there all the time... and I'm usually hiding in my big sweats.

TB: Do you get recognized in public a lot?

BB: You know, I get recognized, but with him (pointing to Bobby Vitale) - he's been in it seven years now, and the guys don't wear makeup - and the guys are like, "You're the man!"  Then they'll see me.  If I have a little shirt on, I get recognized quite a bit.

TB: At these conventions, it seems like Ron Jeremy has the biggest line, and Peter North is really popular too.

BB: Yeah.  Ron Jeremy went with me to Rhode Island around Christmas.  I danced and he was the opening comedian act.  Tits and Toast was one of the shows - 6:00 AM and I'm in heels, and I just went to bed at 2:30.  We had 860 guys there to see me and Ron - in one room.  It was amazing.  I had a panic attack.  You know, I'm like, "I've never danced in front of this many people in my life!" *laughs*

TB: Wow.  Do you dance a lot?  Do you travel around a lot?

BB: That was my night job.  I just came home from Sacramento.  I never danced before I started (exotic) dancing.  I waited because I was so petrified of doing it. I was so scared.  My kidney failed and my back went out my first time out.  I mean, I wasn't faking - I had a major anxiety attack.  It was bad.

TB: If guys want to get a chance to meet you somewhere, what should they do?  One of these convention?

BB: Yeah, one of these conventions, and I also have a list of when I'm going to make appearances on my web site.  Just don't stalk me. *laughs*

TB: Yeah, you're probably not a big fan of that.  Just have your boyfriend kick all their asses.

BB: Yeah, stalkers aren't going to get a chance to meet me. *laughs*

TB: Alright, I feel badly about hogging up all your time, so I'm going to ask you one more question, and then I have a request.  What is your favorite body part?

BB: My legs.  I have a 36" inseam.  I have the longest legs in the business.

TB: Holy shit!  I have a 36" inseam and I'm 6'5".


At that point, I moved over next to Briana, and sure enough, we were waist to waist.  Actually, that's probably the only time I will get to be "waist to waist" with the likes of Briana Banks.  haha...

Sadly, the voice recorder we were using cut off at this point in the conversation.  You didn't miss much though - we were wrapping up anyway.  At that point, I snapped a few photos of Briana, including a few extreme close-ups.  After all, this is an In Tight interview.  Unfortunately, the lighting was bad and the photos didn't turn out.  Not to fear - there are a lot of sexy pictures of her in the Briana Banks section of this site, and there are dozens of nude photos in the Adult Section.

Want more Briana?  Be sure to check out her official site, BrianaBanks.com


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