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In Tight with Devon

Devon is without a doubt one of the most popular porn stars in the world today, and after having the opportunity to interview her at the 2003 Adult Entertainment Expo, it's easy to see why.  Not only is she beautiful, but she's charming too.  In fact, rumor has it she once charmed the pants off of a famous actor, who starred in a "very popular movie... about a ship."  Hmmm.... who ever could that be? :)

The following is the entire transcript of our interview with Devon:

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TeraBabes: Devon, thank you very much for taking the time to talk with us today.

Devon: Thank you for having me.

TB: Are you having fun at the show?

Devon: So far, so good.  This is the first day and actually, I don't even think the fans have been let in yet.

TB: I know.  Isn't it crazy?  You've already got the hoards of people and the fans won't even be here for another hour.

Devon: I know.  It's fabulous.

TB: I was just watching Stripped yesterday - haven't seen Rush yet, but I'm looking forward to it.  Anyway, I originally heard Stripped was sort of a true life story based on you.

Devon: Yes, it was.  It's pretty much based on my true life experiences.

TB: How accurate of a portrayal is it?  How closely does it follow your life?

Devon: Well, when I was 19 years old, I started out as a stripper in Pennsylvania.

TB: Where in Pennsylvania?

Devon: I'm from Allentown, but I danced in Reading at a club called "Al's Diamond Cabaret."

TB: I actually grew up outside Philly, not far from Allentown.

Devon: Oh yeah?  I miss South Street.

TB: So, Al's is the place where you actually got your start.

Devon: Yeah.

TB: He must be thrilled.

Devon: Unfortunately, he won't pay my rates to come back and dance.  Because I was an Al's girl there, he wants me to give him a deal.  But he didn't help me get into the industry, so he has no right to ask me to give him a deal.

TB: So, the chances of you showing up there...

Devon: He's going to have to pay my rate.

TB: Do you still dance a lot?

Devon: Absolutely.  I dance six or seven times a year now.  I was dancing a lot more before that.  I was dancing every month, but I decided to slow it down now that I'm doing such big, huge budget films.  You know, I need the time to rest, to study my script, and to prepare.

TB: If people want to see you dance sometime, is your appearance schedule on your web site?

Devon: Absolutely.

TB: It's DevonXXX.com, right?

Devon: Correct.

TB: How closely do you work with your web site?  Can you tell us a little bit about it?

Devon: Very closely, actually.  I answer all my emails personally... which can be a bitch sometimes.  Sometimes I'm out of the country - like, I went away a couple of months ago, and I didn't have my laptop with me, and I didn't get to reply to any of my email until I got home, so they were all built up.  And everyone was like, "You're not returning any of your emails," and they were getting all pissed at me.  I was like, "I'm sorry, I'm sorry!  I've been out of the country.  I can't help it."

TB: Is your email address something that's public?

Devon: Yes, it's devon@devonxxx.com

TB: Ok, you can expect some email from this article, I'm sure.

Devon: Awesome!  Great...

TB: How do you like working with Digital Playground?

Devon: As you guys may know, this is my third company.  I was with Vivid for two and a half years; I did a small stint with Jill Kelly Productions; and then from there, I went to Digital.  They, by far, have been the best company that I've been with.

TB: Everyone that I've talked to says they are friendly, they treat the girls great, they give you more freedom...

Devon: Yeah, and they do the kind of movies that I've always wanted to do.  Like when I was with Vivid, Vivid does three day shoots.  You know, a five page dialogue.  Now I'm looking at a 100 page or 200 page dialogue.

TB Sound guy (making an unfunny joke): Shot over four days?

Devon: No, usually shot over two months, actually.  Vivid was doing smaller and smaller movies, and I always wanted to do the bigger ones, but they wouldn't let me do that.

TB: At Digital, they seem to be really be pushing more mainstream type movies, more of a crossover.  I mean, the DVDs have commentary tracks, bonus features, extras... it's great.

Devon: Yeah, lots of behind the scenes.  They are much more mainstream than any other adult company right now.

TB: Do you enjoy doing the commentary tracks?

Devon: Yeah, it's a lot of fun.  We all went into the office, we put headphones on, we watched the tape and we talked about what we were really thinking while we were doing everything.  Yeah, it's a lot of fun.

TB: Well, that's great. How have your experiences with Digital Playground been compared to other companies you've worked for?

Devon: Well, my experience with other companies hasn't been as good as it's been with Digital.  I would say that I am somewhat jaded.  You know, being promised, "We're going to do huge films for you," and then it never happens.  Digital Playground is the only company that has come through on that for me, so I'm extremely happy to be with them.

TB: Of the films that you've done, which one would you recommend someone buy first?

Devon: Um, they're all really good.

TB: Well, of course, and they will buy them all eventually, but which one should they buy first?

Devon: Well, I would say they should start off with Virtual Sex with Devon.  That was voted "Best Interactive DVD for 2002."  That one is really, really good.

TB: Was that fun to film, or was it awkward, or what?

Devon: That one actually took a long time.  That was about eight hours of sex.

TB: Wow...

Devon: So yeah, that was actually work.  *laughs*  It was with my fiancée, so it was great.  That was my first project with Digital.

TB: So, you have a fiancée?

Devon: Yes.  I am engaged to Barret Blade.

TB: He played your husband in Stripped, didn't he?

Devon: Yeah.  We've been together for two years.

TB: That was the funniest Stripped blooper, in my opinion, where they kept throwing him out into the alley, when he was getting thrown out of the club.  He kept getting slammed into the wall.

Devon: Yeah, I know. *laughs*

TB: What is it like when you're with other men and women?  How is he with that?

Devon: We have a very, very close relationship.  I mostly work with guys that he knows, that he's friends with, and he mostly works with people that I'm friends with... people that aren't going to try to manipulate our relationship... people that have respect for both of us.  The guys that I work with are people that have respect for my fiancée, and the girls that he works with are people that have respect for me and for our relationship.

TB: Do all your friends and family know what you do for a living?  I mean, you're pretty big now, so I would imagine that they do.

Devon: Yes, my family does now.

TB: Are they supportive?

Devon: My family is supportive.  I haven't spoken to my father in six years and I don't plan on speaking to him.  But that's what happens when you are raised by an alcoholic father.

TB: So, it wasn't because of your career?

Devon: Absolutely not.

TB: When did the rest of your family find out?

Devon: They heard me the first time I was on Howard Stern.  One of my uncles called my mom and was like, "Devon's on Howard right now.  You might want to turn on the radio."

TB: So, he recognized your voice?

Devon: Yeah.

TB: Have you ever slept with anyone famous?

Devon: Yes.

TB: Can you tell us who?

Devon: No.

TB: Oh, come on.  Will you give us a hint?

Devon: *long pause* He was in a very, very, very popular movie... about a ship.

TB: About a ship... *laughs*

Devon: And that's all I'm saying.

TB: Ahhhh.... alright.  We can leave it at that.  What's the best sexual experience you've had in your entire life?

Devon: The first time I squirted.

TB: When was that?

Devon: That was when I first started my relationship with Barrett.  He was the only guy that ever made me squirt.  It was amazing.  And it wasn't on camera either.  That was off camera.

TB: What about the worst sexual experience?

Devon: The worst... is when a girl is not clean.  I'm not going to mention any names - I don't want to throw anybody under the bus - but people who aren't clean, yeah, that's the worst... when you have to ask them, "Would you please go and douche?" or say "Please go clean yourself up before the scene."

TB: Other than that, have you ever had any embarrassing sexual moments you'd like to tell us about?  Maybe one of the bloopers from one of your DVDs or something?

Devon: Did you see the part where they were like, "You guys are throwing poop in my face?"  Oh wait, no... that's for Rush.  Let's see.  One time I farted during a sex scene.

TB: Did it make the bloopers?

Devon: I think it did.  That was also Rush.

TB: Do you enjoy shows like this?

Devon: I love them, yes.

TB: What's it like when you meet your fans?

Devon: This is my third - or is it my fourth - year here, and I see the same press guys and the same fans that are diehard fans of mine, and I know a lot of them by name now.

TB: Last year, I was in line to talk to you, and a guy came by and asked you to give him the finger for a picture, and I thought it was great, so I asked you to do it for me too.  And it ended up being one of my favorite pictures from the show.

Devon: Awesome!

TB: So, after this, maybe I'll be one of the people you recognize too.

Devon: Hell, yeah!  Absolutely.

TB: I think that's most of the questions I wanted to ask you.  What do you have coming up?  What's next for you?

Devon: My next movie is going to be called No Limits.

TB: Is this the one that Jesse (Jane) was telling me about?

Devon: Yeah, I get to break her in.  She's brand new, so I get to be her first on film sex scene.

TB: Are you going to be gentle?

Devon: Oh no - I'm very dominant with women.

TB: Oh, I like this movie already.  I know you go through all these interviews and probably get asked the same questions over and over.  What's something people don't ask you that you wish they would?

Devon: Let me think about that.  *pause*  Nobody ever asks me how I am, how I'm doing.

TB: I did!  Before we started, when you were fixing your eyelashes.

Devon: Oh, you did!  Thank you!

TB: See, but no one is going to believe me, because I wasn't recording yet.

Devon: *laughs* Yeah, that's probably the question I get asked least.  "How are you?  How is your life?  Are you happy?"  No one ever asks that.

TB: Devon.... how are you?

Devon: I am very good, thank you.  *laughs*

TB: How long are you going to be in Vegas?

Devon: Until Sunday.

TB: Do you like it here?

Devon: I like Vegas for about a week, but then I like to go back to L.A.

TB: One last question.  What is your favorite body part of yours?

Devon: Of mine?  My vagina.

TB: Yeah... We're calling this interview In Tight with Devon, and I wanted to take an extreme close-up of your favorite body part, but I don't know if your vagina is going to work.

Devon: Well, people always tell me I have a really cute one.  So yeah, my favorite body part is my vagina.

TB: Ok, well, maybe we'll just take a picture of all of you.  So, that's it.  Thank you very much for your time.  Do you have anything else you'd like to add for your fans?

Devon: Just check out DevonXXX.com and thanks!

You heard the lady.  What are you waiting for?


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