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Jesse Jane - The LOST Interview

Today is May 28, 2007.  Exactly 1600 days ago - on January 9, 2003 - we had the pleasure of interviewing Jesse Jane at the 2003 Adult Entertainment Expo.  In fact, not only did we have the pleasure of interviewing her, but we had the pleasure of being her first interview - EVER!  At the time, she was a complete unknown in the Adult Industry.  No one knew who she was.  She had yet to film her first scene.

Times certainly have changed since then.

Jesse has dozens of movies under her belt, has graced the covers of hundreds of magazines, co-hosts a radio show, and even writes her own sex column.  Without a doubt, Jesse is now one of the most popular porn stars in the world.

So, where has this interview been all of this time?  What is our excuse for not publishing it until now?  What do we have to say for ourselves and our despicable slacking to the 1600th degree?

Ummmm... "Better late than never?"

Here is the entire transcript of our interview with Jesse Jane:

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TeraBabes: Why don't we start with you telling us a little bit about yourself?

Jesse Jane: I'm Jesse Jane, and I just signed with Digital Playground.  I'm new in the industry.  I worked at Hooters, I was a Hawaiian Tropics model, and I've been getting ready for the show.

TB: How did you get hooked up with Digital Playground?

JJ: Actually, I read an article in Front magazine about Tera Patrick, and I went to her web site.  I saw that she worked for Digital Playground, so I contacted them and they flew me out to L.A.  

TB: Really?  They must have been impressed.  Did you send them some pictures or something?

JJ: Yeah, I sent them some pictures first and then they flew me out to see how I was in person, to talk to me and kind of interview me.  It was great.

TB: Have you done any actual shooting yet?

JJ: No, I haven't done any shooting yet.

TB: Nothing at all?

JJ: I've done some photo shoots for the web site, but I start shooting with Devon in her new movie - No Limits, the new Nic Andrews movie - that will be my first scene.

TB: Are you excited?

JJ: I'm very excited.

TB: Let's see... Do you have a boyfriend or a husband or some kind of significant other right now?

JJ: Nope - I'm single!

TB: I guess you haven't been in the industry long enough to know, but I wonder how it works when you are in a relationship.  Do you think you'll struggle with that?

JJ: I'm not really looking for a relationship, but if I were to find a boyfriend or something, I think he would have to understand and be supportive.

TB: Does your family know what you are doing yet?  Are your friends supportive?

JJ: Yes, they're supportive.  They  freaked out at first, but they are very supportive.  They know it's a good career move for me to pursue.

TB: How old are you now, Jesse?

JJ: I'm 22.

TB: Do you have any interest in getting into mainstream?

JJ: Oh definitely.  I definitely want to do some mainstream work.

TB: Is that where you wanted to start initially before you got into this?

JJ: Actually, no, I wanted to start in Adult.  *laughs*

TB: See, this is a woman who likes her sex.  I respect that.

JJ: I do.  I love sex.  I will admit it.

TB: Well then, speaking of sex... Why don't you take a minute and tell us about the best sexual experience you've ever had.

JJ: The best sexual experience I ever had was when I had a threesome.  I had a guy and a girl - the best of both worlds.  It was just great.  I started with the girl - multiple orgasms.  And then the guy.  And they were both hot.  It was great.

TB: Were these friends of yours, or did you pick them up in a bar or what?

JJ: Actually, I saw the girl in a bar.  I knew the guy.  He was a good friend.  The girl was just too hot.  She was all about me, and I was all about her.

TB: Was this recently or was this a long time ago?

JJ: It was a while ago.  It was when I was 19.

TB: OK, so what's the worst sexual experience you've ever had?

JJ: The worst sexual experience I ever had would be my very first time.  I think everybody's first time is horrible, because nobody knows what they are doing and they just absolutely suck.  *laughs*  You don't even know what an orgasm is then.

TB: If you could sleep with anyone in the world - not counting me, of course - who would it be?

JJ: Well, if I can't count you---

TB: Right, other than me.

JJ: ---then it would be Vin Diesel.

TB: Ah, yes.  He's quite popular with the ladies.

JJ: Oh, he is HOT.  I would do him so fast.

TB: Do you have a favorite movie?  Did you like The Fast and the Furious or some of his other films?

JJ: The Fast and the Furious is my favorite movie.

TB: Is it really?  I had a feeling.

JJ: I love cars.

TB: What kind of car do you drive right now?

JJ: Well, actually, I have a Civic right now.  [She went on to give some specs and said something about the spoiler and the exhaust, but I can't quite make it out in the recording of the interview]

TB Sound Guy: Have you even owned an old muscle car, like in The Fast and the Furious?

JJ: No, but I want to sooooo bad.

TB: Well, after you get your first big check from Digital Playground, what kind of car are you going to buy?  Well, what are you going to do with the money, I should ask?

JJ: Actually, I'm going to save some of it, but I am going to buy a truck.  I'm going to get a [Ford] Lightning.  It's my favorite.

TB: I know Digital Playground has big plans for you.  They think you are going to be the next huge star.  Is that a lot of pressure?  How does that feel?

JJ: Oh, it makes me excited.  That's exactly what I want to be.  I want to be the ultimate sex symbol, so I'm going to do whatever they tell me.  I'm going to do my best and hopefully people will like me.

TB: Well, I like you.  I think everyone else is going to like you too.  Do you have a web site yet?

JJ: I do not yet, but you can go to DigitalPlayground.com and find my bio and a couple pictures of me.  They're working on that now.  We just did some photo shoots so we can start building up my web site.  [Obviously this is dated - JesseJane.com has been up and running for quite a while now]

TB: They've done great sites for Devon and Tera Patrick, so I'm sure it will be great.

JJ: Yeah, definitely.

TB: So, what's coming up for you?  You mentioned the movie with Devon.  What's the name of that again?

JJ: It's No Limits, the Nic Andrews film.

TB: OK, so this follows Stripped and then Rush, so now this will be the next big one.

JJ: Yeah.  My first movie where I'll be the feature - well, I'm not sure, but Joone was talking about starting it at the end of January or the beginning of February.

TB: Excellent.  Do you want to do one of the Virtual Sex movies one of these days?  I know those are really popular.

JJ: Oh yeah.  I want to do it all.  I watched Virtual Sex with Tera and Devon, both.  They're amazing.  It was a great idea.

TB: What's your favorite part of your body?

JJ: My lips.

TB: Let's see - is there anything else?  What is a question that people haven't asked you that you wish they had... something that you want your future fans to know?  [Not until we were done the interview did Jesse tell me this was actually her first interview]

JJ: Um, I really don't know.  *laughs*

TB: Because my interviewing was so good, I covered it all?

JJ: You did.  You're awesome!

TB: Well, thank you very much.  I look forward to talking to you next year when you are HUGE.  There will be big lines waiting for you and I'll skip to the front and go like this (I stretched my neck as if looking around people and waved my hands frantically) and hopefully you'll remember little ol' me and TeraBabes.com.

JJ: Oh, definitely!

TB: Well, that's it.  Thanks again.

JJ: Thank you.


And there you have it - Jesse Jane's first interview, a mere 1600 days after she gave it.  Oh, and for the record... as soon as I saw Jesse at the Adult Expo the following year, I asked if she remembered me.  She said, "Of course!" and gave me a big hug.  I guess you never forget your first time, huh?

Want more Jesse?  Be sure to check out her official site,


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